The Peace River Block was the last agricultural frontier in North America. The Cecil Lake district was among the last areas let out for homesteading.

The Nor' Pioneer W.I. of Cecil Lake is putting together the story of how we developed this last frontier. What began as "bush, bush, and more bush" is now a modern farming community.

A 1930s "schoolbus." The first threshing machine in Cecil Lake was hand-made by Bob Hall. Threshing and other 'big' jobs were community affairs where everyone pitched in. The Spence kids playing on a makeshift teeter-totter.

This 400 page book entitled A Community Tells Its Story: Cecil Lake, 1925-2000 features:

Update: Released August 2000.

Price $40.00 + $8.00 shipping. Free delivery for local orders: Outside of Canada call for shipping charges.

For more information, contact Louise Framst at Box 52, Cecil Lake, BC, V0C 1G0; phone/fax (250) 785-4158; email lframst@pris.ca

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