I am Tahltan (a First Nations people in northern British Columbia, Canada - we used to be called natives or Indians). My father's name is George Edzerza; my mother is Grace formerly Creyke. I was born at Lower Post, Mile 620 on the Alaska Highway in 1944. As a middle child of 18 children, I was "little sister" for many years (and still am). As "big sister" to the younger children, I gained valuable experience for my career as a teacher.

My husband and I are alone on our family farm now that our 3 children have left the nest. It is said that I "expanded my projects to fill all the rooms in the house" as the children left home.

In addition to my business projects, a variety of hobbies keeps me constantly on the go. I like to "go to pot" in my clayhouse where handbuilding gives me joy. Sewing for my new grand-daughter, Katrina, is rather fun. Reading, working & playing on the computer and curling rounds out my spare time.

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