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Tahltans are a First Nations people from northern British Columbia in Canada. Their territory is located in the vicinity of the Stikine River. Telegraph Creek, Dease Lake, and Iskut are the towns today.

Tahltans were a nomadic people, always travelling around their area with the seasons and their food supply. They hunted animals, fished, and gathered plants for food. But no matter where they were, in spring and summer, Tahltans always went back to the Stikine River to put up fish.

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The Stikine River was also theior highway, their link to the ocean. Each year the Tlingit from Wrangell, Alaska, made their way up the river to dry fish and trade with the Tahltans. Tahltans were situated between coastal natives and interior natives, which resulted in their becomming middlemen in trading before the coming of the white settlers.


Tahltan Scholarship

Louise Framst, of Louise Framst Books, has announced the establishment of the £ćni Etič Tahltan Scholarship (Tahltans are a First Nations people in northern British Columbia, Canada). This $300 scholarship is to go to a student of Tahltan descent who has demonstrated achievement in all areas: academics, athletics, art, and citizenship in home and community. The £ćni Etič Tahltan Scholarship was established as a keet' (exchange, payment) on behalf of those who supplied recipes and information in A Tahltan Cookbook series.

Louise Framst Books would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to those who took part in creating the Tahltan Cookbooks. This scholarship is extended to all Tahltans as a way of repaying our people, the Tahltans, for the collective knowledge found in these books. Note that more than one scholarship may be given out in a year, depending on sales of the cookbooks. To apply, or for more information on qualifying, contact: Stikine Scholarship Committee, School District No. 87 (Stikine), P.O. Box 190, Dease Lake, BC V0C 1L0; telephone (250) 771-4440.

Louise Framst, Tahltan, and sort-of-retired teacher, started a self-publishing business several years ago. To date she has written and published three children’s books for beginning readers (all are on the B.C. Ministry of Education Recommended List) and two cookbooks based on recipes supplied by Tahltans and a few guests (not Tahltan).

For more information, contact Louise Framst at Box 52, Cecil Lake, BC, V0C 1G0; phone/fax (250) 785-4158; email lframst@sun.pris.bc.ca

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