Box 247, Hudsonís Hope. BC. VOC 1VO
Phone: 250 783 9465 Fax 250 783 2334 


       The Friends of Hudsonís Hope was formed about three years ago when it was found that a need existed. The main purpose of Friends is to give financial assistance towards medical travel. Assistance may be given both to the patient, and for an accompanying person should it be a medical necessity, that the patient be accompanied. Assistance may also be granted for medical equipment, that the patient is not covered for. 

     We also run the Christmas Hamper drive each year, and distribute hampers to those less fortunate than ourselves. We support these endeavors by running raffles, appealing for donations and other fund raising activities that will raise money for this good cause. Earlier this year we became a Society and are now able to issue tax receipts should you require one.


We would be so very grateful if you could help us with a donation this year.
Donations can be made at the North Peace Savings and Credit Union, Hudson's Hope Thrift Store;
or to the address at the top of this page. Thank you.

If you know of anyone, who might need some help, please let us know. 

Motto: You are never alone.


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