Artridol only available in Mexico . . . ,

In my opinion the best product for severe back and joint pain where Tylenol won't do, taken after meals only, available at many pharmacies in Mexico. It worked for me whenever I get bad joint pains or a backache. I also know of one person A... L... with several fused vertebrae in his back that has taken a pill most days for several years. His doctor told him it could shorten his life but he has said life is not worth living if one has to be in constant pain and with this he is not.

Why it works

Doctors in Canada inject cortisone in the joint which tends to overdo it so for a few days one seems to have too much, then a few days okay then the rest of the month, not enough. Artridol is taken Oraly so the dosage can be more closely regulated through the month.

Price in Mexico about 160 pesos/20 December 1998 or about 16.00 U.S. was on box of 20.

Blister packed in boxes of 20's (common) and 40's (special order)


  Metocarbamol 215mg

  Indometacina 25mg

  Betametazona 0.75 mg. -(Steroid like Cortisone)

  Excipiente c.b.p. 1 capsula (filler to fill capsule)


Government Registered in Mexico

Side effects

It could cause problems for people with high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. Kidney problems or failure & death if abused, though the general procedure is to stop taking it at the first sign of Kidney pain. Like all drugs, it should always be used in consultation with a physician that will be able to see if you should use it. Because it does such a good job of eliminating pain, the patient could do further damage to the joint in question.

I can not send this because of the Cortisone in it, a doctors prescription would be required as well as a copy of the birth certificate. Then of course the $25.00/kilo freight and $10.00 or $20.00 payment for handling, customs approvals etc. A foreign doctor would be unlikely to provide a prescription so we would probably have to pay a doctor in Mexico to write a prescription - but would it be legal?

I have no legal means of sending Artridol but I am providing a discussion list that you are free to join and in which you can check the archives to see if anyone has provided the names and numbers of any Mexican pharmacies willing to ship direct. As this email list is public you are using any information gained at your own risk, also any messages sent to the list will be immediately viewed by the entire group. (Sorry the providers of the discussion list are no longer free so this has been cancelled. )

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